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Wolf Reintroduction

We are wolf advocates.        

Part of our mission is to help protect and responsibly promote the wolf in the wild. As a result we do not support improperly managed wolf reintroduction efforts.  We stand against wolf hunting and trapping; as well as all things that negatively impact wolves in the wild.  


Title Comments
The Total Yellowstone Page Yellowstone Wolf Report Page
Ralph Maughams Wildlife Reports Updates on the Yellowstone and central Idaho wolf reintroduction efforts
The Mexican Wolf History and reintroduction of the Mexican wolf
The Continuing War against the Mexican Wolf Problems facing the reintroduction of the Mexican wolf into it's native habitat.
Mexican Wolf A great kids site about Mexican Grey wolves
The Wolves of Denali National Park Friend's of Animals page on the Wolves of Denali National Park
Alaska Wildlife Alliance In depth look at the policies surrounding the Denali wolves

In Native American Legend
The children of the earth
were the animals.
And the child known as Big Mouth,
howled in the forest and sent
spirit messages to a world beyond.
Today we understand the science of wolves,
but to many their soul has been lost.
A once cunning hunter has become prey
to humans.
A magnificent and revered creature,
is now for many considered as vermin.
And what was once a voice to the spirit world,
Now seems a mournful farewell to the world,
from which wolves have been cast.

 Graham Greene


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