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The Vision

They came to me during Dreamtime. In the vision a Woman gifted me a beautiful Silver Puppy. I was led far into the Past to see what Wolves had once been, then into the Future to see what they will become.

First howl

Many truths were revealed in this dream. One, that man has again seen fit to tamper with what God and Mother Nature created. There is probably not a wolf left on this earth that has not been contaminated by man's intrusion. As it stands, even with unwanted dogs being released into the wild, there still exists WOLF. How much longer will this be so?


If we continue to try to make wolves into pets and companions, and rename them with ridiculous euphemisms, so the unsuspecting will pay a fortune to own one of these "unique" animals, we will loose what WOLF truly is.

Lonely sentinel

Many have rationalized why they should exist - the one that remains with me is the woman who said, "I keep wolfdogs so my grandchildren can see what a WOLF is supposed to be". A WOLF was never meant to be in a cage, a fenced backyard, on a chain, or in the house.


That Dreamtime Silver Puppy has grown. He relates that man (or woman, for those who will say this does not apply to them) needs to be taught that when he tampers with God and Mother Nature, no good comes from it. Those who profess to be working to preserve what we have destroyed in Nature by crossing WOLF with dog, are working to preserve what was never meant to be.

That Vision Wolf's companion/mate tells me that they have tried many times to relate their tales, but till now no one was listening. She tells me that even at this late date, few have chosen to hear their words - to help WOLF be the wild and wondrous being he was originally, not man's perverted perception of WOLF.

Supposed Sharpei/coonhound/wolfdog

Supposed poodle/wolfdog cross

What the Wolves need are our logic and common sense, along with compassion and steadfastnesss, to help people understand that their perception of Wolf should not exist in captivity, but Mother Nature's creation of WOLF should run Wild and Free...

The Hunter, on guard



Editor's notes: What is it that was found to be so un-natural in this vision? The animal known as "wolf hybrid" or "wolfdog", or "wolf-dog hybrid" - a cross between wolf and dog.

Well if it is so un-natural, why do people continue to keep such animals? Because they exist..... because so many irresponsible breeders continue to breed and sell to anyone with $$$$. And so many casually cast off every year.

Why do you, the reader, have wolf-dog hybrids?

Will we continue to have these magnificent creatures as our companions? The only answer I can give is YES, until there are no more unwanted wolf-dog hybrids languishing in shelters and rescues. When there are no more, then our jobs will be done. We will be sad for the loss of that special companionship, but will rejoice that they are all now Wild and Free.

Have you ever really looked into their eyes? Seen all the way to their souls? Seen that for which they long? Freedom to be what Mother Nature intended them to be.

When we are able to humble ourselves to listen to and be guided by their Spirits, then and only then do we truly have the right to call ourselves Brothers and Sisters of the Spirit of WOLF.


Wild and free


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