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Founder's Beliefs

1. We are wolf advocates.                                                                    

Part of our mission is to help protect and responsibly promote the wolf in the wild. As a result we do not support improperly managed wolf reintroduction efforts.  We stand against wolf hunting and trapping; as well as all things that negatively impact the wild and free wolf.  

2. We are wolf-dog hybrid advocates. 

Wolf-dog hybrids are man's creation, solely for the ego enrichment of humans (to assuage the "I WANT syndrome") - combining a part of the wild with domestic dogs.  As a result we cannot/will not support or endorse any wolf to dog, wolf to wolf-dog hybrid, wolf-dog hybrid to dog, or wolf-dog hybrid to wolf-dog hybrid breedings.  Nor do we support the breeding of captive wolves for private ownership.

We neither support nor advocate the purchase of any wolf or wolf-dog hybrid, pup or adult.  We do however, support the efforts of well-run responsible rescues to help those animals in need of re-homing. We support through educational booklets those in the pre-purchase or pre-rescue stages of ownership.  We will assist those searching for materials on the proper care of already existing captive wolves and wolf-dog hybrids either in rescue or owned by individuals.  

3. We advocate spaying and neutering companion animals. 

Up to 10 million canines (including wolf-dog hybrids) and cats are killed each year in shelters across our Nation, their only crime is being unwanted.  Itís time the insanity stops and we believe the most effective way to insure that is by advocating spay/neuter. Or possibly by supporting spay/neuter legislation if simple advocating doesn't work.

4. We do not advocate broad-based breed specific legislation

We do however believe that since the wolf-dog hybrid and the companion animal communities cannot/will not control/police themselves, that some form of serious regulation needs to be in place to ensure the welfare of wolf-dog hybrids and all companion animals.   

5. Although our mission is that of animal welfare, specifically the welfare of wolves and wolf-dog hybrids, we are not in any way affiliated with PETA or any other extreme animal RIGHTS groups.  We seek to distance ourselves from extremists on both sides of the animal welfare debate.  

6. We will actively speak out against, and help to eradicate where possible, puppymills and irresponsible breeders of all companion animals.  Education about what constitutes a TRULY responsible breeder is part of that goal.  

7. We will actively speak out against all abuses that companion animals endureWe will strive through education to help ease the plight of abused companion animals.  

8. We do not in any way support nor accept into our organization any person, persons, or organization, who in any way affiliates itself with, supports, or practices bestiality.  We believe this to be the most evil of the abuses animals have had to endure and we will not tolerate it within the organization.  We will work with other organizations where possible to ensure that bestiality is illegal in all States across the Nation.  

9. We believe that the rabies vaccine issue with respect to wolves and wolf-dog hybrids is purely political. Rabies is NOT a species or subspecies specific disease, and the vaccines have been proven effective over a wide range of species. It is our belief that the rabies vaccine should therefore be approved for all canines.

10.We do not in any way support, condone, empathize, or sympathize with collectors/hoarders. People who take in more animals than they can provide adequate care for, then neglect and/or abuse these animals to the point of death or permanent damage, are mentally ill and require psychological help. We believe they should not only be required to get psychological treatment, but also be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

11. Those who support, consort with, or enable in any way animal abusers, hoarder/collectors, and irresponsible breeders are contributing to the problems.  Though they may not be the actual perpetrators, they enable the abusers, hoarder/collectors, and irresponsible breeders to continue their misdeeds.

Remember, if you aren't part of the Solution, you ARE part of the Problem!




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