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1.  "WOW! What a wonderful package of information! It's a lot to digest in one sitting, though. I would HOPE that anyone really interested in learning would actually read the whole thing."

2.  "You've covered every base imaginable. It represents an incredible effort."

3.  " I thought the booklet was very honest in that it gave an extreme to most possible problems a person might experience with their wolf dog...  I think it is perfect to give to potential buyers. "

4. "Finally had a chance to review the materials. I think everything is clear and concise and very easy to understand. Very well done."


The Wolf Is At The Door, Inc., is currently seeking writers with educational/rescue stories involving wolf-dog hybrids for our new "Stories" booklet. All stories will be evaluated for content, and edited if necessary. Writer has final editing prerogatives prior to publishing.

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