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Responsible Rescue? 


A yahoo email list is created. Breeders, rescuers, and wannabe rescuers are
welcomed. Wolf-dog hybrids are listed for rescue and members 'get on it',
finding people to take in these unfortunates who are no longer wanted by
their original owners. A number of animals are placed in new homes.


Or is it victory?? Few in-person evaluations are done. No rehabilitation by a qualified trainer/behaviorist is attempted before placement. Often application procedures, reference checks, and home visits are not completed. Few adoption contracts are drawn and signed. And follow up visits are non-existent.

Animals are knowingly sent into wolf-dog hybrid illegal areas. Animals that are heartworm positive are placed. Animals with questionable temperaments and bite histories are placed.  Unaltered animals are placed as rescues, at least one with an irresponsible breeder. Animals are placed in homes with inadequate containment. Or worse, no containment at all!

Further, this list asks members to make donations to get animals to their new home. They ask for money for new owners to build appropriate containment. They ask for money for health care of their own animals...

Breeder ads are allowed with no mechanism to verify anything said breeders post about animals backgrounds.  Just a warning to check out the breeders thoroughly without denoting all that entails.


In a 6 month period of time 5 of these 'rescued' animals are missing in
action.  Two escaped while in transit, through a garage window, while the transporter
/rescuer cleaned the crates of 'fear defecation' and then proceeded to go to the store. They never made it to their rescue home in an illegal state.

One 'rescue' escaped within 72 hours of placement with a 'known rescuer', through a window (again in an illegal state) - left uncrated in the house while the 'rescuer' slept. Whereabouts still unknown months later. 

One escaped through an open door, whereabouts unknown, adopter not bothering to look. Home check was done - but the adopter lied about the home address, and the home checker was sent to a place that had proper containment, no kids, in the country.   The actual 'adopter' had no containment, had small children, and lived in a city.

Two of the above are known dead - by vehicular trauma and by recapture and subsequent euthanization.  Two are still missing in action. 

One (unaltered female) went to a 'home' (read irresponsible breeder) on the word of a "rescuer". None of those 'rescuers' on the list  has had contact with the new owner or rescuer since.

Then there was the placement with an adopter that failed the first home-check.  No improvements were made, and it seems a second home-checker passed the same family not knowing they had already failed.  There is no containment on the property - to keep said animal in, or others out (which is just as important).  Animal, while running loose on property, mauled neighbor's small yappy dog.  Neighbor graciously accepted apology and payment of veterinary fees.  Containment is still to be constructed...

Someone called this phenomenon "rescued to death".  If anyone believes the above to be 'RESPONSIBLE RESCUE' please contact established DOG rescue organizations, and ask them if this is SOP. Or better yet, order our Responsible Rescue booklet to find out what wolf-dog hybrid rescue should be.

Responsible Rescue Booklet


You really want to find a great home for Timber or Tundra, you don't just want to dump them?  Or maybe you want to rescue a lupine type canine?   Where do you turn?  What should you be looking for in a responsible, reputable, and ethical rescue or rescuer? Click here to find out.

Responsible, reputable, and ethical rescue


Comments (printed with permission) about the above rescue scenarios, from responsible/reputable/ethical rescuers:

1.  It would be cheaper and much more efficient to form a 'breed' club rescue. There would be guidelines & protocols to follow. These email lists are a hodgepodge with sooo many wanna-be's that as long as they're running the rescues these kinds of mishaps (tragedies) will just continue to happen... many of the animals would be better off to be PTS...sad but true.

2. If you look at dog rescue there are adoption fees & most times, transport and such is done by & paid for by the adopter above the adoption fee. The only time an adopter doesn't go retrieve the animal is A) if we have a transport headed towards them anyway. B) if the rescue thinks it's such a perfect fit that we build a transport railroad. C) if the foster WANTS to take the animal to it's new home. In all those cases the adopter at least pitches in on costs.

3. Wolf-dog hybrids are the only rescues I know of where the adopters are basically paid to take the animal. Why is that? If they're soooo wanted, you'd think an adopter would go to what ever lengths to have the one that fits. Not wolf-dog hybrid adopters they just want to sit on their backsides and await the arrival of their new designer animal...

4. In my opinion wolfdog breeders and rescues are a scam and a joke. I've yet to find another breed (even Pitbulls) where people are advised to lie about the animals. Laws are broken by so many to have/place these wolfdogs. I rescue, and fight breed specific legislation all the time. I really don't like to see breeds go down for "user error". I truly believe that stronger laws and  regulations should be put on breeders. I think that laws should be made and enforced for responsible ownership (guardianship).

5. The missing four are just the tip of the iceberg... The sad truth is wolfdog rescue has hit an all time low. It would be easy to say "well, its just inexperienced rescuers"... but that's only a small part of the picture. Wolfdog rescue as a whole is in dire need of an overhaul.

6. Most conscious people are aware that animal email list memberships include zoophiles and pet pelters, yet animals are STILL going out with grossly inadequate
screening, if any is done at all. Pet pelters are subscribed to three lists that I know of.  I have a sizable collection of pictures of wolfDOG mounts... The majority of rescue posts that circulate the lists end up on THEIR list as well. I cant begin to convey how frustrating and infuriating that is.

7. The general attitude these days is how many we can save for today with little forethought to what will become of them next week. I fully believe in "lessons learned" but to put it bluntly, those lessons are getting damned expensive.

8. The question now is do we continue on as though the issues don't exist and take chances with more lives or do we get fired up and start coming up with solutions?

9. This is pretty dead on to how I see the rescue world of wd's right now. It's amazing these folks don't realize what they are doing... It will eventually lead to bsl being passed on a grand scale......

10.  What happened to the breeders? In the purebred dog world, a responsible breeder takes back their own.  If the animal is in a different part of the country, they pay the costs for breed rescue to vet the animal thoroughly (including spay/neuter),  assess the psychological state of the animal and rehab if necessary, board the animal till a new home is found, and then make a donation to that rescue.  This can be accomplished because responsible dog breeders microchip their pups.  Of course, not all purebreds are salvageable, so the breeder would pay euthanizing costs if necessary.

11. How many times can some people turn their heads, and pretend that they just don't see?




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