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Responsible Rescue Booklet

Like most new businesses the majority of rescues fail in a short time, because the initial planning was impulsive and unguided. This booklet is a compilation of knowledge gained over 20 years spent in the rescue field.

Table of contents with excerpts:

1. Introduction So you want to be wolf/wolf-dog hybrid rescuer??  You love your animal and want to do something to help the large numbers of homeless wolf-dog hybrids out there by providing a temporary home and re-homing services.  Are you sure you are ready for this commitment?  There is much more to rescuing and re-homing animals than meets the eye.  Good rescuers make it look simple, only because they are so good at it.............. 

2. Types of Rescue There are basically two types of rescue organizations; corporations and privately run rescues. We will discuss each in the paragraphs below...........

3. Why rescue? You think you have what it takes, you have several years experience with dogs and wolf-dog hybrids. You have taken training classes, worked at the kill shelter, and fostered dogs for other rescues. Now's the time to take that big step and do it yourself, right? Perhaps................

4. Legalities The best place to get accurate legal information for your unique situation and location is from a local attorney. Most attorneys charge about $200 per hour for consultations; this money will be well spent........................

5. Rescue Facilities  As we've previously discussed, it is important that at minimum you have a long term lease with a landlord who wholeheartedly supports your rescue endeavors. It is best if you own your own land -- several acres of it.....................

6. Equipment and Supplies for Rescue  First Aid, Dishes and Water Containers, Leashes and Collars, Muzzles, Professional equipment, Crates, Grooming equipment.....................

7. The Wolf-dog hybrids in Rescue Who are they, and where do they come from? Why were they not returned to the breeder?

8. Rehab in a Rescue Setting  Canine rehabilitation means different things to different people.  There are two basic types of rehabilitation -- physical and behavioral.

9. Day to Day Rescue Chores  So you have all your ducks in a row and have finally opened your doors..............

10. Adoption  Wolf-dog hybrids are hard to place unless they are extremely social and mentally stable..........

11. Post Adoption  So you’ve successfully placed Tundra in the home of yours and his dreams, and you think the whole process stops there?

12. Appendix A  Rescue article formerly published in The Wolf Hybrid Times

13. Appendix B  Sample rescue documents (supplied by dedicated rescuers):

Release of ownership

Canine evaluation

Adoption application

Release of vet records

Landlord approval

Home check form

Adoption contract

Release of liability


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