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Wolf-dog Hybrid in Need of Home




Fosterer: Maura

Email address:


Name: Whispering Quill  Call Name: Quill
Age: 11 months
Height: 25"
Weight: 50#

Sex : Female Spayed/neutered? YES

Ever been bred? NO

Why is this animal being given up? Her breeder was a dirt bag. She's a

Wolf content and percentage? Unverified Mid content. Breeder claimed 75%. More realistic 35-60%

Dog breeds in mix? Malamute/Husky

Distinguishing colors and features : Quill has goldish eyes with green in them. Grey/Black coat with Cream/Tan under. Medium length with soft undercoat. Quill has a gray & black chevron mark on the underside of her chin.

F#? We have no idea. I believe there is no recent wolf in Quill. F3-4 or higher

Inside or outside animal? Inside/outside, housebroken.

How old was the animal when you got her? 3-4 months

How many homes has the animal had--not including breeder? Although passed
around for her first week of rescue, Quill has only lived here since she was
taken from the breeder.

Aggressive or friendly to other dogs? Please elaborate.
 Quill has been exposed to many dogs. She gets on well with all she
has met. She is young and does test the boundaries to see how soon she can
move up in rank.

Aggressive to or accepting of cats? She chases cats. She can be controlled when indoors or on a leash. She is still between the stages of "play" or "prey". Best to assume she would not be good with strange cats.

Is the animal food aggressive? NO. But she is excitable about treats, anything
that isn't dog food. Will steal people food if she can, especially from kids.

Is the animal accustomed to riding in a vehicle? YES

Does the animal get carsick? YES. We are working on it. She can about 5
miles now. Does best if there is a good riding k9 with her.

Has the animal been exposed to children? YES.  She is worried of kids. She backs up & talks. She will explore the kid if the kid is respectful & calm. When cornered she has NEVER offered to bite.

Is the animal socialized to strangers? YES.

How does the animal react to strangers?  Shy greetings. Doesn't like covered faces (sun glasses & hats). Curious & inquisitive. Not quick to allow touching. Warms up quickly if allowed to on own terms.

What kind of containment is the animal accustomed to?  At present Quill is in a
5'5" post & rail with welded wire enclosure. She has also been in smaller
15'x15' 6' enclosure. Has been introduced & respects electric fencing.

Does the animal dig? Sometimes. Has been getting lessons from the resident
If yes, what is she digging out of? The main yard. Knows how to move barriers
away from bottom of fence The small kennel when alone. Sometimes tries to
dig IN when one of the other dogs is contained in small kennel.

Does the animal jump fences? Not so far. Quill has not discovered her

Does the animal climb fences? Not so far.


Is the animal current on all vaccinations, including rabies? YES

On heartworm preventative medication? NO

Last visit to the vet? May, 2003

Will you provide vet/medical paperwork on the animal? YES



Who is the breeder? Someone in Price, Utah.

Breeder's Address and Phone Number: Unknown
Breeder's Email address: Unknown

Was the animal bottle-fed? Doubtful

Have you contacted the breeder to ask if he/she will take the animal back?
NO. Quill was rescued from the breeder.
(In the event an owner can no longer keep a wolf-dog hybrid, it is the breeder's
responsibility to take the animal back and/or assist in finding the animal another home.)

Is the animal registered? NO


Do you have a time limit? Not exactly.

If yes, why and what is the time frame? The sooner the better for her sake.
I think she will be able to re-bond while she is still young.

Can the animal stay there until a home is found? Quill can stay here as long
as she is compatible with our lifestyle.

How much are you able to contribute toward the cost of foster care and/or
transportation to a new home?
Depends on the circumstances. We believe that
her foster care is our responsibility, and has been taken care of. However, her transport should fall largely on the adopters.

Additional info: Quill has a lovely essence. She is in my opinion the
perfect balance of what these animals should be. She is shy yet sassy. She
is submissive yet bossy. She is a delightful pup! Her antics are quite
amusing. She is not destructive in the house if watched. She will chew out
of boredom or tantrums. She knows how to size things up & will try to get
away with anything if allowed. She wants to know what is hers & what is not.
If she is not told, then EVERYTHING is hers.

Quill knows & understands the following commands. However, she will test them regularly & is more willing indoors or on a leash. Come, Sit, Mine, Leave it, Drop it, Get out of the kitchen, Get out of the garbage, Load up. She is working on: Down, off, move, shush now. Outdoors is HER territory & her cooperation is far less. If she is "loose" (out of containment) her recall is awful. Best suggestion GOOD
bait i.e. people food or something dead.




Disclaimer: The Wolf Is At The Door. Inc is not a rescue organization.  We provide these listings as a courtesy, hoping they will help one more wolf-dog hybrid in need, find a forever home.  All negotiations on adoptions take place between the rescuer and the owner/fosterer.  WATD takes no responsibility for the outcome of such negotiations, or any resultant legal entanglements.



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