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In the News

Wolf-dog Hybrid Breeder Busted San Antonio, TX - Comal County court rules against wolf-hybrid owner/breeder
Wolf-dog hybrids starving Counsel Bluffs, NE - Dogs rescued in Bluffs sent to Humane Society
Death of 13 month old baby Boise, ID - Wolf hybrid linked to baby's death
Wolf hybrids raise public safety issue Great Falls, MT - Sheriff asking Cascade County Commission to toughen rules
Wolf-dog legalities debated Seattle, WA - Bill would ban owning wolves, but not hybrids
A tragic blend of wild and domestic Colorado - Discussion of wolf-dog hybrids as pets
Wolf hybrid kills grandson, 5 Cincinnati, OH - Animal in back yard shot after attack
Boy is injured by wolf dog used for teaching Menifee, CA - Breeder responsible for injuries to boy in parking lot
Call of the wild Pittsfield, MA - Four hybrid canines on the loose in Otis area
Stupid human tricks Brookfield, IL - Zoo wolf killed after attack
Neighbors Raise Stink Over Wolfdogs Lakeland FL - City Stumped by Man and His Wolfdogs
Dog or wolf -- the answer will mean life or death Anchorage, AK - Sascha was impounded and  scheduled to be put down in early February.
Cry of the Wolves Montgomery County, TX - rescued animals needed protection -- from their own sanctuary
Neighbor's dog attacked by six wolf-hybrids Cleveland, OH - man starting a petition to make owning hybrid wolves illegal
Wolf Found Wandering In Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA - Pa. Officials Say Owner Won't Get Pet Wolf Back
Loose Animal Believed to be a wolf Anderson, SC - Residents said they feared for their lives
Hearing may decide fate of wolf-dogs

Lake City, MI - Prosecutor wants them put in sanctuaries

Child bitten in face by wolf-dog hybrid Glenwood Springs, CO - Charge could follow dog bite
Wolf hybrid attacks toddler Oakley, ID - Animal will be euthanized
Wolf hybrids on trial for biting woman Augusta, ME - Wolf hybrids in jeopardy after bite

If you are aware of other news stories involving wolf-dog hybrids (positive or negative), please contact us.  News stories MUST be verifiable.



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