by Michele

born into a world of wire
cages and chains
he was a mans desire
to own a piece of the wild
spirit untamed
a truth untold
for he was the symbol to behold

but times did change
they always do
when no longer there is time for you
alone now, with the freedom
for which he yearned
but why he did not understand
he'd committed no crime against this man

the nights are hard
long and cold
they weigh heavily on his restless soul
then comes she
of his own kind
renewed of spirit, passion for life
now truly free
this is the way he was meant to be

but jaded skies and one mans lies
too soon did it end
the hunter becomes the hunted
a broken trust that cannot mend
still he dreams of her
lying there cold and red
taken down by a stone of lead

he raised his voice to the haunted moon
in mourn of she
whom once he knew
tainted nights in a hunters sights
but how was he to know
the kind that once befriended him
would become a deadly foe.

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