The Wolf IS At The Door, Inc

Membership Application

If you would like to join/support us in our endeavor to educate about wolves and wolf-dog hybrids, please fill out this application and send it along with the appropriate fees to:  

The Wolf IS At The Door, Inc
PO Box 11
Dewey, OK 74029

Upon receipt of your membership dues, and acceptance of your application by the Board of Directors, we will send you a new member packet. Membership dues are renewable annually.










Zip Code:


Telephone (Area Code Included):


Reason for joining:














All personal information will be held in strictest confidence by the Board of Directors.


Though only charter members are required to participate on committees, feel free to apply to join one or more. All help is valued.

I would like to apply to be included in the following committee(s):  (check all that apply)










I wish to join as the following type of member:

___ Junior/Senior Membership $20 (for those under 18 or over 55)  

___ General Membership $25

___ Family Membership $40

___ Animal Care Professional  $25 (must present proof of affiliation with application – proof can be a copy of your professional affiliation or company ID card)


Corporate or Private Sponsorship

If you would like to become a corporate or private sponsor please indicate the level of sponsorship:  

 ___Pack ~ Donation of $500 or more  

___Alpha ~ Donation of $350  

___Beta ~ Donation of $200 

___Omega ~ Donation of $100

___Lone Wolf ~ Donation of $50 

Sponsors need not participate in a committee, but may choose to do so. They may also designate how they would like their donations spent.  Please contact us for more information.


The undersigned agrees to abide by the by-laws of The Wolf is At the Door, Inc. as well as the members’ standards.



Print Name:










The Board of Directors will hold all personal information in strictest confidence. No member information will be available to any other member for any reason.

The Wolf IS At The Door, Inc. reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason. Anyone, who has proven they do not support our goals, need not apply. In addition, anyone who has admitted to or been convicted of, any kind of animal abuse or neglect, or in some cases has been cited by animal control for such charges need not apply.

This organization shall not discriminate in any manner on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, or national and ethnic origin in the administration of its programs.