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Wolf-dog Hybrids -

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


In the interest of providing essential information to more potential wolf-dog hybrid buyers we have decided to provide our booklets in locked pdf format on the website.   Locked pdf means that you can read on the website, or download to your computer for reading.  No alteration or printing is permitted.  They will be uploaded in parts over the next few months.

They are provided for your education only.  Remember, they are copyrighted.

 If you find any glaring inconsistencies, please contact us.


Table of Contents

1. What Exactly is a Wolf-dog Hybrid
Definition, Dog breeds, Wolf Subspecies, Percentage vs Content, Price issues

2. Wolf-dog Hybrid Myths

3. Containment -
But All I See is Fencing

4. Wolfpack Structure
Alpha, Beta, Omega? What's with the Greek Letters?, Human as Alpha, The Language of Wolf

5. Wolf-dog Hybrid Decorating? Or Destruction Derby?
Interior, Exterior

6. What IS There to Eat Around Here?
BARF vs Kibble, Allergies, The Neighbor's Cat

7. Lifestyle Changes

8. Growing Up
Sexual maturity, Winter Wolf Syndrome, Spay/neuter

9. Typical Behavior?
Wolf-like Personality Traits, Wolf Psychology, Predictable vs Unpredictable, Prey Drive, Children and Wolf-dog Hybrids

10. Other Issues
Rabies Vaccine, Breed Specific Legislation

11. Are You Really Ready for a Wolf-dog Hybrid?




Appendix A

Legal and Non Legal States


Appendix B

Fatal Bite Statistics from CDC



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