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Wolf-dog Hybrid in Need of Home

Little man has been adopted

Little Man

Your Name:  Connie
Email address:


Animal's Name: Little Man
Animal's Age:  one year in January
Animal's Height: 28" ?
Animal's Weight:  approx; 90
Sex of the Animal:  male

Is the animal spayed/neutered?  Not yet but will be altered before leaving me!

Has the animal ever been bred? no

Why is this animal being given up?  He was rescued by me from a shelter

What wolf content and percentage is the animal?  We believe low to

What dog breeds (i.e., Husky, Malamute, Shepherd, etc.) is the animal mixed
  We actually believe the three mentioned.

Describe distinguishing colors and features of the animal:  dark amber eyes, cream undercoat, throat and chest, dark otherwise, medium length coat; mask much like a Mal

What generation removed from pure (F#) is the animal?  don't know

Is this an inside/housebroken or outside animal?  He was raised inside; now he is in an indoor/outdoor kennel

How old was the animal when you got him/her?  I year

How many homes has the animal had--not including breeder?  One, if foster
care is counted

Is the animal aggressive or friendly to other dogs?   friendly to larger dogs, aggressive to smaller ones.  Has made friends with a female lab cross that is the resident dog.

Is the animal aggressive to or accepting of cats? Would give chase and has
killed and eaten rabbits on two occasions

Is the animal food aggressive? no

Is the animal accustomed to riding in a vehicle? yes

Does the animal get carsick? no

Has the animal been exposed to children? Yes, on one occasion
If yes, how does the animal interact with children? Very leery

Is the animal socialized to strangers?  Yes  very friendly

What kind of containment is the animal accustomed to?   Raised in a home, I believe.  Now in a chain link indoor/outdoor kennel

Does the animal dig? no

Does the animal jump fences? Believe he would try to get out if he could

Does the animal climb fences? Would try if the top of the kennel were open,
about 8 feet


Is the animal current on all vaccinations, including rabies? Will be soon

Is the animal on heartworm preventative medication? Yes, Heart Guard.

When was the animal's last visit to the vet? April, 2004.  Previously, never.

Do you have (or can you get) the vet/medical paperwork on the animal? Current vet paperwork while in rescue, yes.  Prior, no.



Who is the breeder?  Don't know

If you cannot contact the breeder, please explain why not?  the
owners/breeders are homeless and on the move; don't know where they are

Is the animal registered? no




Do you have a time limit that you need the animal out?  We must try within a
month or two; he's already been in foster care for two months and the
boarder cannot keep him much longer
If yes, why and what is the time frame?  Month or two

Can the animal stay there until a home is found? Not for long


If the animal is intact, will you have the animal spayed/neutered prior to

How much are you able to contribute toward the cost of foster care and/or
transportation to a new home?
Whatever it takes to find him the proper home

Additional info:  LM is a sweet, loving, poorly reared and displaced
wolfdog.  He deserves a home that can provide the proper care and
environment for him for the rest of his life.  If that is not possible, I
will have him put down.

Original plea for an adoptive home:

 I'm asking for help with two WDs that I'm fostering.  I do dog rescue and found these two in a deplorable shelter in central NE.  We believe them to be low to mid-content wolf/malamute/husky/shepherd (we think).  They are socialized to humans and larger dogs.  They supposedly were a year old in January.  Both very sweet but the male needs a firm hand.

The female has been very ill with a condition akin to severe acid reflux.
She's been in two vet hospitals, the most recent was the Kansas State
 University teaching hospital.  It's been touch and go for two months with
 Prinny, but (and I hold my breath here) we think we may have found the
 right medical protocol that will save her life and give her a chance at a good
 life with someone that will care for her and her special needs.  Little Man
is healthy, weighing in at about 90 pounds, I believe.  They have never
 been vaccinated and all that's been done for LM is to get rid of any whipworms
 that he may have had.  The first vet found that Prinny had a healthy batch
 of them and treated her.  She is also heartworm free and started on a
 preventive.  We plan on testing LM this Friday.  Then we will move on to
 having him neutered and vacc started as well.
 Princess is here with me since she's been so ill.  LM is boarded at a
 small grooming/boarding kennel.  I simply don't have room for him as I am
fostering a Saint and have four of my own. Little Man and Princess are sweet, loving, poorly reared and displaced wolf dogs.  They deserve caring, forever homes with people who will love and protect them for the rest of their lives. This is the end to which I am committed.
Please contact Connie



Disclaimer: The Wolf Is At The Door. Inc is not a rescue organization.  We provide these listings as a courtesy, hoping they will help one more wolf-dog hybrid in need, find a forever home.  All negotiations on adoptions take place between the rescuer and the owner/fosterer.  WATD takes no responsibility for the outcome of such negotiations, or any resultant legal entanglements.



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