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Wolf-dog hybrid related links

A Wolf Does not a Dog make Wild Sentry's essay on hybrid ownership
Wolf Park - on Wolfdogs Wolf Park's thoughts on wolfdogs
Editorial on Wolfdogs More of Wolf Park's thoughts
State Wolfdog Regulations Is your state legal for wolfdogs?

Wolf-dog hybrids can have Canine Hip Dyplasia too.
Virtual Breeding So, you want to breed?
Wolf Hybrid Awareness Through Education To educate the public regarding wolf hybrids
Wolf Station A wolf, wolf-dog hybrid, and big cat rescuer
A wolfdog puppymill  
Canine Hybrids Issues Surrounding the Wolf Dog
The Wolfdog Excellent site on caring for wolf-dog hybrids
Dog bite statistics Wolf/dog crosses hold the number 6 place in fatalities
About Wolf-dog Hybrids  
The Call of the Wild Originally appeared in the September & October 1993 Dog World Magazine
Animal Behavior Wolf Hybrids - Are they Suitable as pets?
Wolf Hybrids - Fantasy and Facts Alaskan Malamute Club of Canada's position on wolf-dog hybrids
Common Myths FAQ's about Wolfdogs
A Vet's view on wolf hybrids Wolf's nature makes it bad choice as pet
Wolf hybrids Intelligent, lovable beasts, or intolerable menace?
The Hybrids Howl Legislators listen -- These Animals Aren't crying Wolf
Wolf Hybrids An essay
Of Wolves, Wolf Hybrids and Children Monty Sloan, of Wolf Park, on lupine animals and children
Crossing the Line The Case Against Hybrids
Where Unwanted Wolf-Dogs Go Candy Kitchen Serves Up Recipe of Compassion and Education
Wolf Cry Jasmine's Wolfdog Education Resource
Wolf Haven Position on captive wolves and wolfdogs
Crying Wolf Vetcentric's article, pro and con

The "Think Again" campaign is a public service of Wolf Haven

API The Bastard Wolf
API bite stats Listing of REPORTED bite incidents by exotic "pets"
Wolf-dog hybrid cases in Wisconsin Wolfdog problems in Wisconsin 1989 to 1998
The wolf-dog hybrid Animal Welfare Information Center Newsletter
Responsible breeding Written about dogs, but applicable to wolf hybrid breeding as well.
THE SIBERIAN SNOW WOLF SCAM What a breeder may tell you about the wolf in your wolfdog
Gentic Diseases in Dogs Something all wolf hybrid owners and breeders need to know about.
Canine Inherited Disorders Database  
MY NAME IS SAM A story of what happens each and every day in shelters across this country. Dogs, cats, wolf hybrids..........



Wolf Links

Wolf Park Captive pack of wolves used for educational purposes.
International Wolf Center Captive pack of wolves used for scientific study
Dr. L. David Mech's Publication List Publications of the world's foremost wolf biologist.
The Behavior and Ecology of Wolves Excellent site done by one of our neighbors to the north.
Wolves As Pets Wolf Help explain why wolves would be totally unsuitable as pets
Minnesota Wolf Alliance A group formed to protect the wolves in Minnesota.
Wolf Source An educational resource for all things WOLF.
A Dissertation on Wolf Biology Should wolves be bred to dogs?
Wolfsong of Alaska Dedicated to achieving an understanding of the wolf through education and awareness.
Wolf A powerful picture


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** Disclaimer: We do not necessarily endorse ALL that these websites have to say, nor the links they may have. However, we believe they are the best on the web.**



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