The air was electric, we were all so scared, so hungry, and so needing of comfort. We were crowded and crammed into cages and crates, sometimes two to a cage meant for one. Someone kept saying, "It will be okay", and we truly wanted to believe it. We wanted to believe that someone would love and care for us and heal our wounds - the physical as well as the heart sores.

Our instincts told us to beware - but we were weary, lonely, and afraid, we SO wanted to believe the words.

Again, we were thrust into what humans wanted for us; first into cages, then into a truck with no ventilation, water, food, or a place to escape from our own waste. They gave us pills to make us sleep, we must be very quiet, sleeping our way to a new destiny. As we fell into a doped slumber we heard voices again saying, "It will be okay but we must get them there without anyone seeing or knowing, without being asked what we are transporting." I fought to stay awake, I needed to protect Her, for she was my sister, my mate, my friend! It was not to be… I too slipped into a drugged daze as we traveled to the new place.

It was cool and clear when we awoke in the new place. There was food and water. We were afraid; we had been owned before, only to find we were not really wanted by the humans. We were reluctant to trust, to be taken in by the joy and laughing and reassurance from the outstretched hands trying so hard to touch us. We knew this situation would deteriorate with time - it had before, and we feared it would again.

Our fears were well founded - the raw meat thrown on the ground became fetid, with an acrid taste. But we ate knowing there would be no more until that was gone. Our stomachs ached. The dry chunks were moldy and putrid causing even more distress. The water became slick and slimy with our own dirt, but it too had to be gone before it was replenished. The fences were poor and easy to escape, so we begin to plan of searching for clean water and food.

They came in the dark of the night, on stealthy feet, creeping up to the fence. The air was all of a sudden alive with noise and metal! My loved ones were dying! She and I watch as the pack fell, one after the other. We were terrified! The human ran screaming, protecting her "number one pack". They were here when we arrived - they got the good food and water, we got the spoils - we should have known.

When our world was once again quiet, I promised Her I would find a way out - a way to be free, somewhere the humans could not find us. When we did gain access to the other side of the fence, she said she would wait for me, close to the pack. I promised to come back for her.

Oh, my dear sister/mate I tried! I was sick and did not get far, I fell in the cold snow. On a lonely road I lay down, I knew it was almost over, I knew I could not keep my promise to you. I called for you, did you hear me?

Come with me now, I am free, I run with the Pack as we always dreamed. There are no chains, no fences, no fetid meat, we are all free and our Spirits roam where we choose and are welcome wherever we go. We have a place to rest. The lady calls me the silly little spirit, cause I play tricks on her and her animals. She will love you, she will accept you, she will send her warriors to help you come to me and the Pack. I wait for you, as you waited so long for me…


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