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The Wolf Is At The Door, Inc.

is a non-profit organization, incorporated in the state of Oklahoma, but serving the North American Continent.  WATD was formed specifically to educate potential owners about what is entailed in the responsible ownership of captive wolves, and wolf-dog hybrids. Our goal is to ensure that potential buyers know the unvarnished truths about these exotic canines, before they make a commitment that should endure for the life of the animal, but most often lasts less than 3 years.

Too few breeders tell buyers about the incredible challenges they may face, when they are buying a wolf or wolf-dog hybrid pup. Most people buy that charming, fuzzy little puppy and expect to raise him/her like any other dog. Wolves and wolf-dog hybrids are NOT just like any other dog; nor are they just another 'designer dog'.  They can be dangerous in the wrong hands, and/or with improper containment, socialization, and training.

Because so few actually read the website before sending emails, we must also make it clear what we do NOT do. We do not physically rescue animals, we have no facility for you to send your unwanted critters to. We cannot refer you to rescue organizations for a number of reasons (read the website to find out why) - most have their own websites and can be found by Googling "wolf rescue", "wolfdog rescue", or "wolf-dog hybrid rescue".  Nor do we buy puppies from breeders who want to get rid of their oversupply.  We do not breed wolf-dog hybrids, nor do we sell or broker puppies or adult animals. We do not refer potential buyers to breeders - after years of searching we have found only one mostly responsible wolf-dog hybrid breeder on the continent, and that kennel has buyers lined up for years before producing pups.


Tarka, a wolf-dog hybrid at the door


In the interest of providing essential information to more potential wolf-dog hybrid buyers we have decided to provide our booklets in pdf format on the website.   They will be uploaded over the next few months

They are provided for your education only.  Remember, they are copyrighted.

Wolf-dog Hybrids - The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly



While The Wolf Is At The Door, Inc. consistently uses the term "wolf-dog hybrid" in materials written specifically for the organization, the words "wolfdog" and "wolf hybrid" refer to the same type of animal. Any of the above terms may appear in pieces written by others who allow us to use their work for the benefit of the animals. The term "wolf-dog hybrid" should leave no doubt in the general public's mind that we are referring to animals with recent wolf inheritance.  Definitions

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