Levels of Sponsorship


Pack ~ Donation of $500. or more

Alpha ~Donation of $350.

Beta ~Donation of $200.

Omega ~Donation of $100.

Lone Wolf~ Donation of $50.


Sponsors need not participate in a committee within the organization, but may choose to do so.  Sponsors may also designate how they would like their donations spent.  Please contact us for more information.  Remember, no donation is too small.


We would be happy to list your company/organization's sponsorship on our website and in our organizational mail outs. Please let us know if you would prefer to remain anonymous.




Please cut here and send this part with your generous donation.



I would like to Sponsor or Gift The Wolf IS At The Door Inc.


My donation for ___________ is enclosed.


Name: _________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City: _____________________ State:  ___________ Zip: _________


A receipt will be issued for your accounting purposes.  The Wolf IS At The Door Inc. will be applying for 501c3 Federal non-profit status before the end of 2003.We will notify you when your donation is tax deductible.


Thank you!

Feel free to print out the bottom of this page and mail with your donation.




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