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I'm Gonna Buy me a Dawg!

I'm gonna buy me a dawg unlike any dawg I ever did see. He's gonna look like a WOLF! I'm gonna love that little cub with all my heart and keep him in the house till he is 4 or 5 months old. Then when he turns out to REALLY be unlike any dog I ever had, I am gonna search the internet to find X-spurts on "email lists" and they are gonna tell me how to raise my special wolf-lookin' dawg.

They're gonna tell me to build that dawg a BIG pen, the most expensive pen you ever did see, with more security than a prison. I'm gonna visit my dawg in that pen from time to time and feed him good too!

The people on those lists are gonna tell me to get him a 'companion', so I'm gonna get him a girl dawg and put her in the world's most expensive pen too. And then 'cause I know they are prettier and sweeter than any dawgs I ever did see I'm gonna let them have some babies.

The X-spurts on them email lists are gonna tell me I need a contract and a guarantee to sell the cubs. I'm gonna get all kinds of great advice on how to place them cubbies. Now I'm a bona fide breeder, and I'm gonna give all my buyers the same advice the people on them lists gave me.

They're gonna tell me that ya don't need to do any health screens, cause wolves don't get genetic diseases, the way dawgs do - like hip dysplasia. And my dawgs sure do look like wolves, don't they?  I'm so proud of them.

There are some X-spurts on those lists who have never even had dawgs like mine, or had them for 6 months or a year! They are going to tell me that high content wolf-dawg hybrids and wolves can easily be made into fine housepets; that they can run free on acreage with no fencing and never want to leave; that ya train 'em just like any old dawg; that ya can teach 'em to never touch raw meat unless you personally give it to them; that you can leave any of 'em alone with kids - they love kids; and all sorts of other interesting factoids. Some of the old timers will disagree, but what do they know anyways.......

Then I'm gonna start a rescue cause even though the buyers thought these were the prettiest cubbies they ever did see, most could not housebreak them, could not contain them, could not get them to come when they were called - they just didn't have the dedication needed for these special cubbies. And they don't have the time to spend on the internet asking questions. I couldn't do it
all for 'em!

Then I'm gonna rescue as MANY as I can, never mind that I don't have the $$$$ to feed them high quality
expensive food and build big pens for them, or the time to clean up after them. And now I have no time to enjoy those pretty cubbies, or to train them... And oh my those same people tell me now that I am gonna have to spay and neuter them cause the prettiest puppies I ever did see have no homes to go to! I don't have $$$$ left over for THAT!

Instead I think I'm gonna breed 'em cuz they are the prettiest cubbies I ever did see




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