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If your email is about the following subjects, there will be no reply.

1. Physically rescuing animals (adults or pups), we have no facility for you to send your unwanted critters to.

2. Referrals to rescue organizations - we cannot do so for a number of reasons (read the website to find out why) - most have their own websites and can be found by Googling "wolf rescue", "wolfdog rescue", or "wolf-dog hybrid rescue".  Evaluate thoroughly.

3. Buying puppies - we do not buy from breeders or brokers, nor do we help you sell your oversupply.  We do not breed wolf-dog hybrids, nor do we sell or broker puppies or adult animals.

4. Referrals to breeders or currently available litters  - we do not refer potential buyers to breeders.  After years of searching we have found only one mostly responsible wolf-dog hybrid breeder on the continent, and that kennel has buyers lined up for years before producing pups. The majority of the irresponsible breeders advertise liberally in local newspapers and on the web.  We suggest you read the entire website before contacting them and buying on impulse.


A word from the founders

Those who support, consort with, or in any way enable animal abusers, hoarders/collectors, and irresponsible breeders are contributing to the problems in the wolf-dog hybrid world.  Though they may not be the actual perpetrators, they enable such people to continue their misdeeds.



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