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Clarification of Mission Statement

1. To provide education and/or educational materials regarding captive bred and privately owned wolves and wolf-dog crosses and/or wolf hybrids.  

There is much "education" about wolf-dog hybrid crosses floating around on the internet if one has the time and fortitude to find it. And then to sort through the information and disinformation available. The Wolf Is At The Door, Inc. has published booklets for potential wolf-dog hybrid buyers, Animal Control professionals, and veterinarians across the country, telling the WHOLE story of what a potential wolf-dog hybrid owner may encounter. Also available will be materials on how to determine if a breeder is RESPONSIBLE. We will let other organizations deal directly with irresponsible breeders, if they so choose.


2. To promote spay and neuter of all companion animals.  

WATD Inc will promote spay/neuter in all of our literature. We will refer people to organizations promoting spay/neuter. Up to 10 million companion animals die each year because they are unwanted. Some of the animal overpopulation is due to lack of knowledge, much due to indifference. We cannot change the indifference, but we can offer educational materials.


3. To promote responsible ownership of captive wolves, wolf-dog hybrids, and all companion animals.

Many people purchase wolf-dog hybrids knowing little of what to expect from these exotic canines - possibly because they made an impulse purchase, or because the breeder was not forthcoming about the drawbacks of wolf-dog hybrid ownership. Once they have the animal in their possession, they should be committed to up to 15 years with said animal. We will provide information for those people as well.

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A word from the Founders

We are wolf-dog hybrid advocates 

Wolf-dog hybrids are man's creation, solely for the ego enrichment of humans (to assuage that old "I WANT something different" syndrome) - combining a part of the wild with domestic dogs.  As a result we cannot/will not support or endorse any wolf to dog, wolf to wolf-dog hybrid, wolf-dog hybrid to dog, or wolf-dog hybrid to wolf-dog hybrid breeding.  Nor do we support the breeding of captive wolves for private ownership.

We do not advocate the purchase of any wolf or wolf-dog hybrid, pup or adult.  We do however, support the efforts of well-run responsible rescues to help those animals in need of re-homing. We support through educational booklets those in the pre-purchase or pre-rescue stages of ownership.  We will assist those searching for materials on the proper care of already existing captive wolves and wolf-dog hybrids either in rescue or owned by individuals.  

Remember, if you aren't part of the Solution, you ARE part of the Problem!



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