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The Charge of the Pack

It was very late, but the light had not yet gone. The twins sat on the boulder in the river, silent and watchful - the sound of the rapids filling their senses. Waiting for they knew not what. They knew they had waited like this before, in ages past.

The day had been arduous, maybe the most difficult in this lifetime. In the middle of one of the wildest places left on this earth, they had challenged their bodies to do the impossible. And though at some point both bodies and spirits had failed, the Spirits of Wolf and Eagle had prevailed upon the twins to win the challenge.

They now sat at the river to offer a token of thanks to those Spirits. In the clearing at the far side of the river appeared the Wolf Spirits one knew so well, led by Grey Ghost and Shadow Wolf. Following them were others. So many others.......

In the next few moments the clearing filled, and the forest overflowed with over 100,000 Spirits, Spirits of those Wolves/Wolf-dog Hybrids who had passed from the physical plane. Many had suffered unbearable abuse while abiding in the body, but all were now free to roam as they should - to feel the wind in their fur, to know the virgin earth under their pads, and to sing the songs of their ancestors.

There was no sound but the river. The Wolf Spirits sang no songs this night. They were silent, their golden eyes blazing bright - their intent clear. The twins were to go from this wild place into the populated areas and teach about freedom. Freedom from bonds, from chains, from cages, and yes even freedom from the house and backyard. Most of all freedom from abuse and neglect. To teach that the Spirit of Wolf could not be contained in these ways and continue to BE Wolf Spirit.

As the darkness was about to overwhelm them, a winged horse appeared and charged them to do the bidding of the wolves. He blessed both the wolves and the twins. The Eagles were near, and the twins made their offering to those who had given them the strength to prevail that day.

As the twins left that river they both knew that few would listen unless they drew on the strength of the 100,000. For the Strength of the Wolf is in the Pack and the Strength of the Pack is in the Wolf. They could now go forward, knowing that the Pack was with them, as it had been for eons.....



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