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Cyber Awareness

 Trying to place your no longer convenient wolf-dog hybrid?  Read this article before going any farther.

Parents have long been aware of the potential dangers their children face via the internet- pedophiles in search of children to victimize, etc. However, many animal owners do not realize their animal companions also face such dangers. Just as pedophiles and other unsavory characters monitor gathering places popular with kids, individuals calling themselves "zoophiles" (people who sexually abuse animals) monitor animal related forums. Wolf-dog hybrids, as 'exotics', are at particular risk from these individuals. Kala, pictured above, is a victim of such abuse.

In addition, there are unscrupulous taxidermists seeking wolf-dog hybrids for use as taxidermy subjects. Sadly, wolf-dog hybrids often slip through the loophole of legality in terms of taxidermy, being classified as neither wild nor domestic. The average person cannot tell the difference between a legitimately produced wolf pelt and a pelt or mount created from a  wolf-dog hybrid. Various mailing lists offer information to budding underground hobbyists of the benefits of unitizing companion animals for taxidermy and give instruction on how and where to obtain them.

The greatest potential for both dangers arises when the unsuspecting animal owner turns to
the internet to find a new home for their animal companion. An owner needing to re-home their animal will generally send out emails with a brief description of the animal and their contact info. Well meaning people then forward that email to the many public forums and mailing lists, sometimes with personal info intact. The danger in this practice is that the animal (and the owner) have unwittingly been made a potential target. Virtually all non-domestic animal forums are monitored by the unscrupulous looking for an easy acquisition or conquest.

Guarding against these potential hazards will require diligence on the owner's part but it is far from impossible. If you are reading this because you are trying to find a new home for your animal, there are numerous steps that can be taken to help insure the safety of your companion's future.

The initial 'notice of need' emails you send out should not contain any more of your personal information than your email address and the state in which the animal is located. It is these first emails that go out that end up on public forums. Only after you have been contacted by an interested party, should you disclose further personal info.

If at all possible, locate a reputable rescue person who will act as an agent on your animal's behalf. There are several rescuers that will do this as time allows, Wolf Station included. The benefits in taking this route are immeasurable. Most wolf-dog hybrid rescuers know each other, have long lists of contacts and may even have prescreened potential adopters awaiting animals that meet their criteria.

Have the animal spayed or neutered prior to placement with anyone, if it has not been done already. Don't accept promises that it will be done by the adopter, see that its accomplished before placement. A simple spay/neuter procedure is the single most protective measure possible as this automatically weeds out 75% of the undesirables who may be trying to acquire your animal. Puppymill breeders and zoophiles require that animals be intact for their purposes. (Also, never consider suggestions of tubal ligation/vasectomy as an alternative. This is often a dead giveaway for zoophilic activity.) No responsible wolf-dog hybrid breeder would even consider breeding a rescue animal so there is absolutely no valid reason for anyone to request that you send them an intact animal.

Screen potential adopters as thoroughly as possible. Ask questions and ask for references. Be alert, if something doesn't sound quite right, it probably isn't. Require that the adopting party agree to at least two home checks. Finding someone to perform home checks for you may seem difficult but it is actually quite easy. Wolf-dog hybrid, as well as dog, and breed rescue groups have extensive lists of contacts across the country. It only takes a few emails to locate someone in the adopters area willing to do perform a home check.

Above all, take responsibility for your animal. He, and his future depend on you.


A word from the founders

We will actively speak out against all abuses that companion animals endureWe will strive through education to help ease the plight of abused companion animals.  

We do not in any way support nor accept into our organization any person, persons, or organization, who in any way affiliates itself with, supports, or practices bestiality.  We believe this to be the most evil of the abuses animals have had to endure and we will not tolerate it within the organization.  As wolf-dog hybrids are a favorite victim of these perverts WATD will work with other organizations where possible to ensure that bestiality is made illegal in all States across the Nation.  



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