A story of how a wolf might view its only enemy.
A protest in prose

So here I lie, crimson snow melting from the heat of my life, now leaking from my broken body. But before I am gone, I have something to say, something from my point of view.
I become what you label me, simply because labels are your obsession. More often than not, your designations are false reflections in your cowardly eyes. Obscure images of what you deem your target to be, without any thought of its true nature.
You are blessed with genius, yet you display no vestige of responsibility for this unique gift. Surely your intelligence can allow you to see that I am so much more than your imposed epithet.

I am the wolf. True, I kill. I can show signs of aggression and perhaps I sometimes seem cruel and vicious. This is the side of me that you like to promote, without mention of my virtues, my physical abilities that are so far in advance of your own. Through fear of your own smothered heritage you establish feigned ignorance to create a monster out of what you do not understand.

You in your rustling clothes, wide boots crunching over the snow. A burning plant jutting from your furless face. Why do you smile as you see me die? I do not hate you, but you revel in my suffering. My pain empowers you, makes you feel better than you are. If only you could see what I am. Do you care that my pups will never see their father again?

What about me? Me the team-member, me the protector and provider. What about me the devoted mate, the tender father? What about me the individual with dreams and hopes, friends, family, and a will of my own? What about me? What about us?

And so I die. I do not understand much, but I think that my view is so much clearer than yours.
And so I die, alone.

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