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Title Comments
Cyber Awareness Trying to place your unwanted wolf-dog hybrid?  Read this article before going any farther.
Brokered Wolf-dog Hybrids?? Our most controversial article to date
What's in a name? Disguising the 'wolf' in wolf-dog hybrid
Responsible rescue? "Rescued to death"

Responsible, reputable, and ethical rescue

What to look for in a Rescue/Rescuer
Responsible Breeding A comprehensive set of responsible breeding criteria
Training Your Wolf-dog Hybrid Some thoughts on training these intense, often difficult, exotic animals
Wolf-dog Hybrid Rescue Originally published in The Wolf Hybrid Times
In Remembrance Re: Dottie Prendergast


Rights - theirs, ours, yours. Includes Dr. Tom Gier's "Wolf Hybrid Bill of Rights"

Puppy  mills

About puppy mills in general, definition of a truly responsible breeder, links to other sites about puppy mills


Discussion of animal hoarders and collectors

Fate Or Irresponsibility

You Decide

The Last Resort

Rescue IS the Last Resort. Rescue is FULL.

The Wolfdog: A Breed In Crisis

An essay on the effects of the current irresponsible over-breeding of wolf-dog hybrids.






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