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Wolf-dog Hybrids in Need of Homes

To list an animal in this section, the owner/fosterer must be willing to keep the animal until a responsible/knowledgeable home is found.  A complete write-up on the animal and pictures need to be sent  to the organization.

All adoption negotiations will be handled between the owner/fosterer and the adopter.  We expect that responsible rescue protocols will be followed, and that the animals will only need to be placed once.  Only spayed/neutered animals will be listed. See disclaimer below.



Young female

Finally, after being available for adoption for 1 1/2 years, Quill has gone to her forever home. She will be monitored for some time, to make sure everything is going as expected. Though many applications were received by the foster home, most did not meet basic requirements.


Little Man

Young male

Little Man has found his forever home.

Allowing time for your animal to find the right home is very important.  It may take over a year to place even the most socialized, well-behave.  It is worth it to see them in a happy home, where all their needs will be met.



Disclaimer: The Wolf Is At The Door. Inc is not a rescue organization.  We provide these listings as a courtesy, hoping they will help one more wolf-dog hybrid in need, find a forever home.  All negotiations on adoptions take place between the rescuer and the owner/fosterer.  WATD takes no responsibility for the outcome of such negotiations, or any resultant legal entanglements.


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